The Un-Quiet Mind

personal development Feb 06, 2023

"You've been quiet today. Are you okay?"

My wife asks me this maybe twice per week. She does such a good job of checking in on me whenever things seem a little off.

If you are not blessed with a partner/spouse that can sense the tiniest of changes, I feel for you. My wife might as well be my built in check-engine light.

For so long I have struggled with a mind that refuses to be quiet. I like to think of it as my superpower, but also my biggest downfall.

I am always analyzing. Always.

Whether it is internally, about an event, my job, or just plain imagining and creative thoughts flowing in and out of my head.

My wife probably thinks I am Doug from the movie Up. 

The mind that is always thinking of new ways to do something, or something to create, can be exciting, but also extremely exhausting.

It costs me time with my family in the present because I often can't slow my mind down enough to enjoy exactly where my feet are.

I've spent my whole life thinking this is normal, but I am starting to believe that it is not.

I like to take on a lot of projects.

I am always trying to create or contribute to something.

Mostly because I love what I do. I cannot not see myself doing anything else than what I do right now.

But with that comes a lot of self-inflicted stress.

I sure miss whenever I was in college and all I cared about was baseball and having a good time.

Life was much simpler then.

But now, as a husband, father, entrepreneur, and strength coach, I have to embrace all of the challenges that come with it.

I often feel paralyzed about which way to go next.

It feels like I have 476 tabs open in a web browser.

So what do I do about it? I make lists.

I sit down, I ask myself what is most important to me right now. What can I accomplish in 30 minutes or less and relieve my stress?

What can I do that yields me a high return on time right now and will simultaneously create action momentum for me.

Right now, my answer for an unquiet mind is action, and it sure is working pretty well.

I still struggle, but I know it helps.

Next time you feel stuck, stop thinking, and just start doing.

You'll figure it out along the way.

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