Coach's Guide to Medicine Ball Training


Athletes create separation in sport by one thing...


Athletes that cannot rotate well, manage and redirect forces, or create enough power, they will be a step behind.

Rotation happens at all times.

When we sprint, jump, throw, and change direction.

Medicine balls can aid in taking a stiff athlete and turning them into a fluid machine.

This course was developed to help any coach develop their own medicine ball training system!

I break down three concepts that can be developed using medicine balls

1️⃣ Coordination

2️⃣ Dynamic Stability

3️⃣ Dynamic Power

This course breaks down each concept with simplicity and shows you how to apply it with programming.

This course also includes 50+ medicine ball exercise tutorials teaching anyone how to execute the movements needed to apply the knowledge from this course.

What People Are Saying:

I've used Med Balls in my programming before, but Cody Hughes’ new Medicine Ball course, takes it to a whole new level. I’ve been involved with S&C as both an athlete and coach for decade now. I learned a ton from this course, and you will too. This course is so much more than just med ball throws - it's an in-depth discussion about the concepts for developing athletes and is the best overall explanation that I've seen of what it really means to make training sports-specific. It's already been a big level up for my program and it will be for yours as well.

Pat Basil, MS, CSCS

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